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It's been a year since Shannon passed away, and I can't say we've talked about her as much as I would have liked, but then again, I didn't make much effort to get our group together and chat about her either.

Right now I'm sitting in bed with mint chocolate ice cream and remembering Shannon for the goofy friend I met in Summer 2009 and spent many a long day talking to, as well as with the other goofy and dear friends I made around that time, too.

We all had similar interests: Bleach, Black Butler, Final Fantasy 6 & 7, a few shows I don't remember, and Shannon's adorable laugh.

I still have multitudes of sound bytes left on MSN Plus of all of us being goofballs one sunny afternoon and recording ourselves all saying really stupid things or talking about Ashido's Penis. It was so much fun, from Shannon can has-ing porn to me talking about random PLAAAAAAAAANES and Aizen spanking Kadaj.

I can safely say that whenever I see Joker in Black Butler, I'm going to think of you, Shannon. You played him, had him down pat. I remember you being vaguely interested in a potential gurodressing a little before you passed away, and every time I see it brought up, I still think of you.

I still feel a pang of sadness whenever I look at Bleed Kaga, remembering all the videos I uploaded for you to watch and your promise that you'd watch them when your bandwidth was increased... I remember making you fall in love with him and it pleased me to no end. You (as well as Misu and Jen) got me into liking Kira a bit more, and I have to say, that Gibi banging Nnoitra was one of the hottest things alive.

Somewhere, Niki is snorting her cheese toastie and keysmashing.

You were very comforting to all of us, and even if we all got mad at one another, it wouldn't take long before we'd all get together for a group hug. It kind of feels like those days are far gone, but as of late, I've noticed our little rag tag group coming together again SHHH THAT WASN'T DIRTY.

I love you still, Shannon. And I am eating ice cream in -5C weather and freezing rain to show just that; but you already knew I cared for you anyway. Here's to

eating ice cream and remembering the good times.
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I love you all. ♥ I'm heading out Friday morning at about 9:00am, heading to Belleville to visit my gran, then by Monday the 26th at 7:00am I'll be on a plane headed out to Vancouver, then to South Korea. I've already got a lot of stuff on my laptop to entertain me, I hope it'll be enough.

I'll pray for all of you while I'm there. Thanks and ciao!

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