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I wanted to write a fanfic about Woody and Bo-Peep. Here it is!



Nov. 6th, 2012 12:38 am
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I reblog and post whatever I feel like, mostly fursuits and turtles, but that's changing recently. HOORAY?
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So, Trip's been adopted, and I promised myself I wouldn't cry but here we are. I'm going to post a bunch of videos of Trip that I have.


Sad News

Nov. 30th, 2011 07:20 pm
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So, because I'll be going away this Christmas, there's no one who's able to look after Trip for the two weeks I'll be gone. And because I'd have to find a home for Trip anyway, she's now going to be adopted by a family tomorrow.

This is hard for me since Trip was really my pet and my special friend, in her own way. She was a chore to look after, but she was also very cute. I am going to miss her. Luckily, my family knows the family that is adopting her, so I'll still get to see her through pictures and things, but it won't entirely be the same.

Tonight I'm doing one final cleaning of her tank before she goes away tomorrow. Sigh!
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Mario Commercial

Butler: The mustachioed man led the mission to rescue the Princess... the one in blue may wish to see the crown jewels. He's an avid ring collector. And he may suddenly curl up into a ball. Perfectly normal!

(Sound of Mario growing tall)

Butler: Mushroom soup, sir.

Guard: Ah.

Sonic Commercial

Butler: The mustachioed man led the mission to rescue the Princess... the one in blue may wish to see the crown jewels. He's an avid ring collector. And he may suddenly curl up into a ball. Perfectly normal!

Delivery Man: Oi! Who ordered the chili dog?

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My evening was great! There was a silent auction, dinner and dance. It was held at the Legion... basically the place where old war veterans go in Sudbury to hang out. There's a bar, dinner room etc. Anyway, it was my first time going to an auction since I was 7. ANYWAY I won a Shoulderette... it's kind of like a shawl. It's going to be a Christmas present for someone~

The auction was dreadfully long... but the dinner was good. I was feeling a little nauseated as the pizza at home is good but it's the kind that always makes me sick. So I was sleepy and nauseous and didn't feel much for dancing. Plus I'd just spent fifteen dollars (aka the rest of my money) on a Shoulderette. :C sad day.

The dancing started and it was slow songs + country. UUUUGH. There were a ton of old people too, which I like seeing, some of them were on oxygen.

Suddenly, Lady Gaga starts playing. "Poker Face"

"... BUH?"

So I get up on the dance floor and I start shakin' it. Mostly flailing my limbs around to the beats, doing the robot, etc. There was a man (I can't remember his name but he was a Hnn ((that's old man))) and he was watching me the whole time. I danced to about four songs in a row and was out of breath, and he told me that I was fantastic and how I knew all the beats and had moves for every single one was great.

I felt good inside.

My nausea was gone, and I was rocking the dance floor. Justin and I, for lulz, thought it'd be funny to request "baby" by justin bieber, wondering how everyone would react.

little did I know that after winning a prize for dancing like a crazed fool (yay grunge t-shirt!), they played a song for me

... "Baby" by Justin Bieber. GOOD JOB ELAINE, YOU JUST TROLLED YOURSELF. This was actually my first time hearing the song, as I only knew the DJ Earworm version which barely had any Bieber in it. I improvised and danced to it anyway, putting my skills to good use.

It was very fun.

They even played Billy Jean, Stayin' Alive, even YMCA. Justin couldn't keep up with me and I feel bad about that, but we shared the final song by dancing slow together. He didn't know how so I grabbed his hands and put them to my waist and we did the awkward elementary school slow dancing.

One of the songs that played was "Sudbury Saturday Night" and I thought of mom and dad, so I danced like how I imagine Mom would.

We should do this again sometime!
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I leaned my chair too far back and nearly fell over.
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Blodeuwedd comes from the Sacred Meadow, beyond the Forest Temple. Rumor has it that she was once a Hylian girl who became lost in the woods.. The story goes that she sat in one place, waiting for her parents to find her. She waited so long her feet planted roots into the ground, and she became a tree.

Blodeuwedd herself is able to move about, though she is unable to speak and often she stays to the shadows, fearful of what lies beyond and who she might meet. There are other trees like her, but they can only be found in the deepest parts of the Sacred Meadow, their roots sunken too deep to venture outside.

The truth of Blodeuwedd's story remains unknown, as she cannot speak, though she does venture forth to greet people when she feels she is safe from harm. She has no great abilities, though she can feel the forest and always hear it. If the forest is sick, she can feel it.

As for her personality, Blodeuwedd is shy yet curious. She is quick to run away if she feels she is in danger, and she will often sneak, eavesdrop or spy on those she is curious of. She is weak against fire, for she is made of wood from the Sacred Meadow and can burn quite easily. The farther away she is from the forest, the less it can protect her from harm.

best night

Oct. 2nd, 2011 02:25 am
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It's 2:07AM and I just got back from a great night of gaming and laughing.

At about 5pm, my friend Alex Duhamel came to pick me up. We'd discussed that we were going to have an evening of bro-gaming with Batman: Arkham Asylum. We'd both "played it" (he beat it, I watched a Let's Play), but we had to play it together. This was how we played MGS4 together as well. We went to subway, bought delicious sandwiches (but alas, we didn't spend time smelling them through the vents.)

Quickly escaping to the side, we headed down to New Sudbury to see if the Blockbuster there was still alive.

It wasn't. :C

Then Alex suggested we go and make brownies and cookies with his friends Rebecca, Mario, Julian and Lindsay. He'd brought his Xbox and Batman with him, so I thought "Sounds good to me". When we arrived, introductions happened and soon after we were somehow all watching Batman The Brave and the Bold. We all stood around watching the scooby doo episode as our brains oozed from our ears. Afterwards, we finally escaped the horror and began to watch this glorious piece of work as well as this (DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE MY PARENTS AS YOU WON'T GET IT AND WILL FIND IT ANNOYING).

After that (and sharing stories of Batman, Cats, and other things) and reading the funniest thing ever we decided to invade the downstairs (Rebecca's Dad's Man Cave) and hook up Alex's Xbox to play some Batman Arkham Asylum on this huge flat screen TV. We started and all stared at Batman's...... shorts. "Those thighs." Alex stated. We agreed.

Eventually it was just me and Alex playing endless Batman as the others went to play 20 questions with Mario (which apparently equated to flipping tables willingly). The commentary we made was the best part of Batman... especially when at one moment the Scarecrow's shadow flashed onto the wall and I had Batman stop, turn around and walk away. "No. No."

Then some interesting candies got passed around. They were dental-friendly, looked like laxative pills but weren't. "berry blast" breath mints. We ate them and couldn't believe they were sugar free. More Batman came. I gleefully offered Alex the controller whenever a boss fight was imminent. He didn't mind, since we were playing on Easy. Whenever I played, I always managed to get lead in Batman's butt due to snipers seeing me through bushes.

As the night wore on, I was still rarin' to go, but it was already midnight. Mario fell asleep playing a ukelele while his eyes were blindfolded, Lindsay fell asleep with her face buried in Mario's side-fat and a DS in her hands, Julian lied on the floor on his stomach watching us play and Rebecca lied on top of him, and Alex was lying face first on the mattress looking like he'd died. Me? I was still playing Batman. And still getting shot in the buttocks.

"Did the scary door happen?"

"Here is the scary door."


Eventually it was time to go. Alex had work at 7am, Mario's bed time was 9pm, and everyone else was filled with brownies and tired. I was still game, but I knew that it was really late. Or early. Me, Alex, Lindsay and Julian all got into Alex's car and he drove me home. We chatted the whole way, telling nightmare stories about working at Tim Horton's and complaining about ridiculous customers.

We're thinking of buying Morphsuits for Halloween and hanging out. It might happen.

Or everyone will just be Spiderman for Halloween with Julian.
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feeling better

thanks you guys


Sep. 8th, 2011 11:17 pm
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what to talk about

my boyfriend and i broke up because he stopped talking to me and trusting me (what ebi had a boyfriend)

friend of his who i will label as Bioticia stops dating her boyfriend and moves in on my ex not even a day after we break up

i find out about a week later

they keep playing love songs that my bf and i use to use for each other

keep being all lovey whenever i'm near

bf tells me he still loves me just that i wasn't the "one"

i want to rip off his dick and feed it to piranhas


i am trying to "get over it" as he so kindly put it when we last fought. but it's so hard to do when you feel like you've been replaced. which i have been, no matter how many times he denies it. he tries to comfort me by saying "I've had my eye on her for 2 years"

thanks a lot, dumbass.

somehow we're friends again, but as soon as Bioticia shows up, I hate him all over again.

oh yeah, and my dog, Mercy, died. we had to euthanize her because her arthritis was so bad she couldn't move.

great start of the school year.

inb4 "ew second life" i like building


Aug. 26th, 2011 02:11 am
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i like tiger & bunny now

i am waiting for saturday night. or sunday morning.

next episode.

all of my jizz
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hebbycakes: AND WALKS
hebbycakes: AND IS A TURTLE
hebbycakes: BEAT THAT

oldpapaj0hn: XD
oldpapaj0hn: It's in 3D!

hebbycakes: YEAAAH
hebbycakes: AND 4D

oldpapaj0hn: =-O

daibujou: AND HD?!

hebbycakes: AWWW YEAH

oldpapaj0hn: FFFF


oldpapaj0hn: XDDDD

hebbycakes: AND IT'S WIRELESS

oldpapaj0hn: =-O indeed
oldpapaj0hn: No batteries, either!


oldpapaj0hn: XDD



May. 31st, 2011 01:35 am
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went to Anime North 2011 and had a butt load of fun! I only went for the Saturday, but it was great. See the photos I took here!


Mar. 30th, 2011 02:21 am
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As I made obvious tonight on the anonmeme, I often jump into things without properly thinking them through. Well, not as often as I used to, thankfully. Most times I can catch myself and go "NO. BAD."

So, OP of that comment, once again I'm really sorry for being so crude in my response! The thought hadn't occurred to me that you were genuinely creeped out. Sorry again!

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