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So, after class, I came home, determined that I would make a good pizza and Dad would be proud of me. This was my first time using the oven all by myself, so I couldn't mess it up!! So, I finally found a pan, and placed two white tortillas upon it, at the same time I preheated the oven to the correct time (400?), and then I was putting a good amount of olive oil on the breads. After that, I felt good so I went to look for the tomato paste.

There wasn't any.

I looked to the oven, then the pizzas, then the oven again. Was it too late? Should I start over? (Dad will be ashamed of me!) So instead, I thought, "Hey! The Greeks used to eat plakuntos with olive oil and various toppings, I'll just not use tomato paste! THEY didn't!" So I didn't use it. I then took out some mozzarella cheese and put nice amounts on both breads. I heard a "tick". Oh, the oven was ready!

I stuck the tray in and then waited the right amount of time. I figured it couldn't be too bad, besides I followed all of dad's instructions...

When I opened the oven, I was horrified.

These weren't pizzas.

These were BALLOONS. I stared at my malformed babies, and hurriedly removed them from the oven with the oven mitts. Placing them on top of the oven, I stared at them some more, unable to hold back the laughter in my throat. It came out as a "HULGRUAGH" but I swear it was laughter...

I've left one of the twins in the fridge for anyone who wants it... and I'm currently eating one of them. To my surprise, they're pretty good! ... Just... ugly and not at all pizza like...

First time for everything, I suppose.

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I love the story and I love the graphics, and I adore the voice work (english AND japanese).

However... I cannot play it well at all. The gameplay is really hard. Maybe it's just me, but... As cool as it is seeing Sonic wielding a blade... I think I'd be able to take out all those enemies the old way.

It's depressed me because I can't beat levels now. I'll just wait for someone else to do it and I'll watch them. I'm obviously good at that.

Still, if you like a challenge, I suggest renting or buying it. It's not really my thing, but the storyline is great.


Why can't I just battle against PCs? Why does it have to be against other players? And if I can only battle with PCs, why won't it let me select that? ;____; I don't have a really good opinion on this game so far, but the fact the japanese audio is an option is a plus.

but still. *DEPRESSED AT LACK OF ABILITY TO PROPERLY PLAY THE GAME* Maybe I oughtta practice more with Caliburn...

*gloom doom despair*

oh my god.

Jun. 3rd, 2008 02:22 am
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Sorry to anyone on my friends list who is apart of this comm but.


get help. now.

RP is one thing.

Thinking you have a past life as a FICTIONAL CHARACTER IS ANOTHER.

fine, no epic fail. But my opinion is... if you have a dream where you are a certain character? I don't think that means you actually are them or were in a 'past life'. I've had dreams where I was Sonic, or even YUGI MOTOU, but in no way do I think I am them. I've even dueled my sis in YGO using Joey's death and ended up playing the exact same duel with her that Joey has with Kaiba later in the series.

Still, I don't think I am Joey. When people say "I've had dreams where I do things that don't even happen in the show!"

=_= It's called dreaming.

I apologize to anyone who got offended, but srsly. I just... can't. If you don't get the whole 'christian' thing, okay, fine. But we're not saying we ARE God. We just believe in him. Maybe you can call it the same thing, but I don't think it's nearly on the same level... considering anime, manga, cartoons, etc etc are not in comparison with the bible.

but christianity isn't what I'm talking about.

I do sound like a total douche for saying what I did. But for me, when I see a community like that... Playing pretend and RPing are both fine by me... But how can you be Sonic in a past life? He wasn't created until 1991. How many people said they were Sweeney Todd when the movie came out in theatres?

It does not compute in this brain of mine. No matter how many times I look at it. apologies to flyboy fox. I do like you, but for me, this is not a mutual interest.

My last example... I super love and am inspired by Sonic's personality. I know he's fictional, but I'd love to have that kind of outlook on life. But that doesn't make me him.

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