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Oct. 2nd, 2011 02:25 am
hebbycakes: (Gin boogies on down)
It's 2:07AM and I just got back from a great night of gaming and laughing.

At about 5pm, my friend Alex Duhamel came to pick me up. We'd discussed that we were going to have an evening of bro-gaming with Batman: Arkham Asylum. We'd both "played it" (he beat it, I watched a Let's Play), but we had to play it together. This was how we played MGS4 together as well. We went to subway, bought delicious sandwiches (but alas, we didn't spend time smelling them through the vents.)

Quickly escaping to the side, we headed down to New Sudbury to see if the Blockbuster there was still alive.

It wasn't. :C

Then Alex suggested we go and make brownies and cookies with his friends Rebecca, Mario, Julian and Lindsay. He'd brought his Xbox and Batman with him, so I thought "Sounds good to me". When we arrived, introductions happened and soon after we were somehow all watching Batman The Brave and the Bold. We all stood around watching the scooby doo episode as our brains oozed from our ears. Afterwards, we finally escaped the horror and began to watch this glorious piece of work as well as this (DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE MY PARENTS AS YOU WON'T GET IT AND WILL FIND IT ANNOYING).

After that (and sharing stories of Batman, Cats, and other things) and reading the funniest thing ever we decided to invade the downstairs (Rebecca's Dad's Man Cave) and hook up Alex's Xbox to play some Batman Arkham Asylum on this huge flat screen TV. We started and all stared at Batman's...... shorts. "Those thighs." Alex stated. We agreed.

Eventually it was just me and Alex playing endless Batman as the others went to play 20 questions with Mario (which apparently equated to flipping tables willingly). The commentary we made was the best part of Batman... especially when at one moment the Scarecrow's shadow flashed onto the wall and I had Batman stop, turn around and walk away. "No. No."

Then some interesting candies got passed around. They were dental-friendly, looked like laxative pills but weren't. "berry blast" breath mints. We ate them and couldn't believe they were sugar free. More Batman came. I gleefully offered Alex the controller whenever a boss fight was imminent. He didn't mind, since we were playing on Easy. Whenever I played, I always managed to get lead in Batman's butt due to snipers seeing me through bushes.

As the night wore on, I was still rarin' to go, but it was already midnight. Mario fell asleep playing a ukelele while his eyes were blindfolded, Lindsay fell asleep with her face buried in Mario's side-fat and a DS in her hands, Julian lied on the floor on his stomach watching us play and Rebecca lied on top of him, and Alex was lying face first on the mattress looking like he'd died. Me? I was still playing Batman. And still getting shot in the buttocks.

"Did the scary door happen?"

"Here is the scary door."


Eventually it was time to go. Alex had work at 7am, Mario's bed time was 9pm, and everyone else was filled with brownies and tired. I was still game, but I knew that it was really late. Or early. Me, Alex, Lindsay and Julian all got into Alex's car and he drove me home. We chatted the whole way, telling nightmare stories about working at Tim Horton's and complaining about ridiculous customers.

We're thinking of buying Morphsuits for Halloween and hanging out. It might happen.

Or everyone will just be Spiderman for Halloween with Julian.

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