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Well, considering how long it's been since my last email, I figured that since I have time now, I reaaaaaally wanna talk about my day today.

So, Monday, I come into the office and take off my smelly sneakers, and switch to my slippers. I already have my lesson planned, since I'd been planning it while on the subway. I love my Mid-Basic class. My students are Ji-Tae, Sena, Hemin, Gue Won and Su Jan. They are so sweet. Sena is very thoughtful and kind (mom, you'd love her), Ji-Tae has many wonderful ideas and is a man of adventure, Gue Won is sooo cute and loves Totoro and Koalas, Su Jan is very shy but has a wonderful smile and Hemin has a cuuute laugh and very brilliant ideas. Sometimes she laughs at me even if I am doing nothing. I love them all.

So, we talked about many things, and Gue Won has a cold, so we all wished her well. We finished talking about our opinions on things today, so next class we'll be talking about proper inflection when talking in a speech form, which should be really fun. I'm going to use similar voice inflections like Dad does. :)

My Low Inter-Speaking class... Phew, that was another story. Bin Je and Christine are really great. Bin Je was really really shy at the beginning, but he's gotten so much more confidence now and he loves to talk and write. Christine is a tomboy after my own heart and she doesn't really like writing, but she loves talking about her days. Unay and Ungio on the other hand... I really used to like Unay because she is so cute, but now I realize she doesn't often pay attention in class. Ungio is a mother, but also an ADD mother. Very easy going but veeeeeeeery distracted. They all bring their iPod Touch to class... so I often don't mind, but it was funny today. Ungio and Unay were talking to each other while I was reading out directions for an Interview assignment...

So I looked at them, my jaw set, my eyes fierce. I realized afterward that I was making the "serious professor dad face" that often scares me if I'm being bad. They immediately apologized and started listening. I guess I scared them.

Later, I'm asking Unay to tell me what she wrote during the activity, and she was playing with her iPod, so I stare at her, waiting. She suddenly gasps, looks around and then says "What? Sorry, what? Ah..."

I tried not to look angry, though I was... I just want her to do well and she can't if she doesn't listen in class. :( But apparently I had a very terrifying look in my eyes. Oh well. \(O_o)/

After class, Sarah, Jesse, Sheri, Irene and I went to a Mandu place and we ate foods. I was craving seafood, so I ate seafood topokki (SO SPICY) and everyone else had Omurice and Donkasu. It was so delicious. Returning to the office, and then it was class time again! The Intermediate 2 class went very well, and we gained a new student. His english name is Lloyd, and he's a suuuuper geek. XD I had briefly mentioned that I played the Online Game "Maple Story" and he started to drill me with questions, such as "When? What class is your character? What is your character's name? What weapons--" XD I thought he was very cute.

Tonight my favorite class was Elementary 2. My students are Min, Charlotte, Jacob and Edward. Jacob and Edward are actually San Gyu and Sin Guk, but San Gyu thought that if Charlotte has an English name, then they should, too. Edward really likes Twilight, so I laughed at that. Tonight was so much fun. And we laughed and talked about many things, and Jacob said that he's flying to Japan on a business trip tomorrow, so I leaned over to him with a bright smile and said "Can you take pictuuuures?" Min and Charlotte looked like they were about to die from the cute. "You look so happy!" They said as they laughed. Edward was laughing hard, too.

Later I mentioned that I had gone to the Aquarium in the COEX alone, and Edward had said he wouldn't go to the Aquarium without a girlfriend, so Jacob said "AH! YOU TWO SHOULD GO OUT!" I swear, we all almost died from laughter. I told him "What, are you a matchmaker now??? I would be fired!"

It was great fun. I'm excited for the next class. But tomorrow's schedule is different, though I'm very excited for those classes, too. :) Soon I'll be heading home to sleep, and then getting up early for an early class! See you later, and enjoy the day! :)

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I give up. OTL

in other news, I can finally upload videos I took! /o/ And am planning to rest well tonight. *_* Though, first, today I have to have all my classes and figure what we do today because it's FINAL DAY. DUN DUN DUNNNN.

Awesome. :)

I think I'll take my Speaking class out to make some Ice Cream Floats. :D Apparently there's this Korean myth that if someone has coke and ice cream at the same time, they'll explode.

... Well, I hope that isn't true. That'd be... well. Kind of super awkward if I killed a student with ice cream coke.

Anyway, catch ya later. I think next weekend, I'll go to the COEX and then chillax the rest of it. I've not been to COEX since Jan2009, I am sooo hyped. Sorta. MAYBE I CAN FINALLY GET A KIVAT. or a psp...


May. 12th, 2010 05:20 pm
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So, anyway, I'm doing well. I watched Ironman 2 on Sunday night. It was amazing, and I plan to watch it five more times if I have time. It's only 9000won for a money, with a deal like that, why complain!? (IT'S A DEAL TO ME, SHUSH.)

While watching the movie, I realized then how easy it is for Canada and America to make off-hand comments about other countries that we see as a threat, such as Iraq, North Korea, etc etc. In the movie, North Korea is mentioned as trying to create an Ironman robot as well, and failing. At the time, when that was said, everyone in the theory made a groanish laugh. Just. "Hnnngh."

I suddenly felt very awkward. I'd never put much thought into it when I'd watch these sorts of movies back home, but while in Korea, and having just seen North Korea recently (last wednesday, we went to the Peace Observatory in Kanghwa-do, so across the sea you can see North Korea), I felt very strange. When I saw North Korea, I looked through binoculars at it and could see very few people walking around, the houses were in shambles... You could tell they were suffering. But all we're shown in Hollywood movies is that they are a threat. But then again, I guess I can't really say much about that, considering Hollywood movies are meant to entertain, not educate. But still, right now I am in South Korea, which is RIGHT NEXT TO North Korea, so... It's hard to explain, but it felt very odd.

Still, great movie. Also, if you haven't checked out http://www.youtube.com/user/KoreanShrimp yet, make sure you do! I already have lots of great videos for you to all watch! :) And I'll be updating my FACEBOOK again soon. So look forward to that!!

Classes are going very well, I adore my students. And every day, I let them try great Tongue Twisters. They love doing them and learning different words, it also helps them learn how to say some words. :)
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I'm only like. five or six months late.


I think this will work! This is a link to my newest album, where I've uploaded almost all my South Korea pictuars!! COME AND SEE COME AND SEEEEE
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Back from Korea! It was so much fun! Bad news- My camera broke and took my memory card with it! D: I have to wait for my dad's memory card and pictures before I can upload anything. *cry*

And I'm wide awake at 2:07 because. I am jet-lagged. And I went to bed at 3pm. 8D;;
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So, tomorrow, (the 18th) my dad and I are going to South Korea to visit my sister and my brother. :3 Woot woot. We're coming back on the 26th.

I have never been on a plane before. oAo;;; I am so nervous.

Anyway! Am packing away right now. Wish me luck! See you guys later~

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