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So, Patch IMed me on AIM and apologized, saying he was sorry for being a douche to me. I don't know if he expects me to just go "LOL OKAY LET'S BE FRIENDS AGAIN", what he did was really assholish and I don't particularly want to go through that again.

He told me he's going around and apologizing to everyone, even MS_Elegante people. It's a nice step, but he took a huge step backwards when he made that secret about me, so it's going to take some time before I have trust in him again.

It might never happen, I have no idea.

I told him that he better not think me cruel if I don't have the nerve to be his friend again. Apparently the anons that stood up for him were his friends from RL, and they may have been the same anons that badmouthed me at DM.

I don't even know. I'm just going to go sleep.

I rented X-men Origins to watch. Everyone I know says it's awful, but I want to see it anyway. I watched the other movies, I'll watch this one, too.

Good night guys.
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Did I react badly to it?


Do I regret breaking off our friendship over stupid shit like this?


Would I take it all back if I could?

Fuck no. Kid needs to learn that I am not always going to take his shit. Especially not when he knows about how weak my stomach is. "I forget" is not a good excuse. And then telling his friends he said no such thing? Right. Yeah. I have the chat log, you want to see it, I can show it to you. Don't think I'm so stupid to head into that open fire without any ammo.

I miss when we were friends, but maybe we can be someday when he's grown up some. He said he'd still be the same way even when he's 20, but I highly doubt it. All teens say shit like that. I fucking dropped MS_Elegante for him. I joined up in games with him for him. Now even just looking at my Momotaros account brings me down.

I can't believe that fuckwit made a goddamn secret about me. Way to fucking move on, Patch. Is this seriously what he does to all his friends? If they block him once or maybe tell him to shut up, he makes a secret about them? I wonder, had my internet shut off at that moment, he probably still would have made a secret about me. At least when he shared chatlogs with me I wouldn't fucking make secrets out of them.

Way to get up there with Stormy, Patch. You're well on your way. So much for giving you a fucking chance.
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I fear Dear Mun will become a pit of wank for anonymous. I learned today that anonymous posting is not banned, it's actually just screened. 8/

And that Patch is a brat. 8| But what else is new there. v_v

RP IS SUCH SRS BSNS THAT WE MUST CHASE EBI OFF THE INTERNET. OSSU. Apparently I have an anonymous that stalks me to wank at me. And has been for the past six or so months. They knew about my OC Blaze. Which... I haven't even talked about for the last six months. o_O

In other news...

MAKING MY FONT BIGGER SO YOU'LL PAY ATTENTION TO THIS. Yeah, so I have chores to do. Vacuuming and dish washing because TONIGHTO we're going out to UMAI SUSHI for sushi. And because we're celebrating Caroro's birthday early. Since dad won't be here on her actual birthday.

I don't have enough money for a present, so I hope she won't mind a card of some sort.

I watched TWO EPS of House last night. 8DDD And got my House muse back. WOO. We'll see how long it lasts. :)
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It's not fair that no one believes anyone on the internet.

I know I shouldn't take RPS so seriously, but god. It's just not fair that everyone is saying Patch made that secret when he DIDN'T. But of course, no one will believe me.

We were hoping there WOULDN'T be a secret about that stupid wank on RPS. We knew this would be exactly what would happen.

I think it's perfectly plausible to assume the secret maker imitated Patch's writing style (or tried to) and tried to blame it on him and make him look wanktastic. But of course, no one will believe that. Because if Patch is involved, everything must be his fault.

I hate it. So the kid screws up terribly in the past by being a douchewad in his RP and gets banned for it. He deserved it back then. But what about second chances? It's so unfair that anonymous is so unforgiving. Past =/= Present, I still maintain this. What you've done at other RPs should not overrule what you do at new RPs. Patch was immature, but I've helped him, he's come a long way.

But obviously it's not enough for RPS or anyone. Patch came online to find it and decided he was pretty much done with LJ Rp. I wish that wasn't the case, since I have a lot of fun with him.

They called him immature, but really? RPS, you are the immature ones. I just can't believe HOW immature.

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