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My evening was great! There was a silent auction, dinner and dance. It was held at the Legion... basically the place where old war veterans go in Sudbury to hang out. There's a bar, dinner room etc. Anyway, it was my first time going to an auction since I was 7. ANYWAY I won a Shoulderette... it's kind of like a shawl. It's going to be a Christmas present for someone~

The auction was dreadfully long... but the dinner was good. I was feeling a little nauseated as the pizza at home is good but it's the kind that always makes me sick. So I was sleepy and nauseous and didn't feel much for dancing. Plus I'd just spent fifteen dollars (aka the rest of my money) on a Shoulderette. :C sad day.

The dancing started and it was slow songs + country. UUUUGH. There were a ton of old people too, which I like seeing, some of them were on oxygen.

Suddenly, Lady Gaga starts playing. "Poker Face"

"... BUH?"

So I get up on the dance floor and I start shakin' it. Mostly flailing my limbs around to the beats, doing the robot, etc. There was a man (I can't remember his name but he was a Hnn ((that's old man))) and he was watching me the whole time. I danced to about four songs in a row and was out of breath, and he told me that I was fantastic and how I knew all the beats and had moves for every single one was great.

I felt good inside.

My nausea was gone, and I was rocking the dance floor. Justin and I, for lulz, thought it'd be funny to request "baby" by justin bieber, wondering how everyone would react.

little did I know that after winning a prize for dancing like a crazed fool (yay grunge t-shirt!), they played a song for me

... "Baby" by Justin Bieber. GOOD JOB ELAINE, YOU JUST TROLLED YOURSELF. This was actually my first time hearing the song, as I only knew the DJ Earworm version which barely had any Bieber in it. I improvised and danced to it anyway, putting my skills to good use.

It was very fun.

They even played Billy Jean, Stayin' Alive, even YMCA. Justin couldn't keep up with me and I feel bad about that, but we shared the final song by dancing slow together. He didn't know how so I grabbed his hands and put them to my waist and we did the awkward elementary school slow dancing.

One of the songs that played was "Sudbury Saturday Night" and I thought of mom and dad, so I danced like how I imagine Mom would.

We should do this again sometime!

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