Apr. 29th, 2010 10:39 am
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So, in about half an hour, I will be teaching my first class. Introductory, but still, I am very nervous. I am told I'll do well, but I can't help feeling scared. So, please wish me luck and send me your prayers. X3

There is so much love flowing here, and I really enjoy it. It should be good when my jet lag wears off, too, I think.

Also, I have a new youtube page that you can follow. My username is KoreanShrimp, if you like. I haven't had a chance to upload anything yet, but that will come in time I think. :)

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It's Elaine! Hello!

I have arrived in Korea, and I am well. Things are great, I have made friends with the staff and we all ate good food last night. Our home is small but beautiful and I sleep on the veranda. I get to climb in through a window, muahahaha.

Right now, it is a sort of break between classes, and we are having pizza for lunch. All is well!! I am excited. I get to sit in on classes today, but the next two days are just introductions to my students. It will be a lot of fun, I think. I am happy to be here, it's really great. :)

(No, mom, no boyfriends yet. Haha!)

I will continue to update when I can!! Though I may not be on Skype a lot, I use email all the time, so please send me emails. :)


(my email is citti_monroe[at]hotmail.com)
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I am currently in Vancouver Airport, waiting on my flight to Incheon, Seoul. I have about an hour before boarding starts, and it's been safe and good so far. I've seen the same news reel about three times now on the television. XD

Anyway, the airport was very easy to navigate, and I had some food to eat, too, which was good. I'm eager to get on the plane, but not eager for another long trip. @_@ Oh well, maybe I'll get some sleep this time. I need to sleep, I didn't sleep all night. XD

Oh, Carolyn, btw.

Remember that Cold Case episode with that guy named George? He would hunt women and then replace their eyes with marbles? And he walked because he didn't want to talk anymore?

They finally got him. :)

Okay, I am gonna close the laptop now and enjoy some video game playing before it's time to board. :V See ya!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Oh yeah, I watched AVATAR. It wasn't bad, it was very well done. But I'm not sure I would watch it over again... I wouldn't mind playing an interactive video game for it, though.
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I love you all. ♥ I'm heading out Friday morning at about 9:00am, heading to Belleville to visit my gran, then by Monday the 26th at 7:00am I'll be on a plane headed out to Vancouver, then to South Korea. I've already got a lot of stuff on my laptop to entertain me, I hope it'll be enough.

I'll pray for all of you while I'm there. Thanks and ciao!

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