Nov. 10th, 2008 07:59 pm
hebbycakes: (I have a Doctor Who icon!)
I love Doctor Who (2005). For those who watch dear_mun and saw bluethejanitor ranting, then you know what fandom I'm currently into. xDDD

I love House M.D. and Doctor Who, but both are very diff. One is more realistic, the other is sci-fi. xDDD So you can't exactly compare them. Though, House with a sonic screwdriver would be interesting. :3

At any rate, I'm watching this series backwards, too. I started with Season 4, Episode 8 "Silence in the Library"... then I watched ep 9, 10... Then I went to episode 7, now I'm on episode 1 of season 4... xDDD I'm jumping around. I also watched the first half of The Sound of Drums from season 3... And I can safely see why people pair The Master and The Doctor so much. UNFORTUNATELY the site I was using is a fgt and didn't have the whole thing. I'd totally torrent it, but I tried and it would take 23 weeks. ;^;

For some reason, I thought the Master would have a much higher voice... O_o Hmm.

But yes, I'm a fan. xD Lovin' it. I believe my two current favourite episodes are "Midnight" and "Forest of the Dead"... though "Unicorn and the Wasp" was VERY good. XDDD


I love Donna Noble. I seem to really like the older characters more than the young ones. xDDD Maybe I can identify with Donna- She is definitely not a character I'd ever hate. She's just so.. fun. XD She reminds me of one of my high school friends, Amanda Lalonde. So random, so fun.

Anyway- I'm currently stuck with a british accent. o_o; I watched an ep of Doctor Who before going to my class... And my professor comes from London, England, and I let her borrow my copies of the V for Vendetta Graphic Novel and also the film... 8D So much english, so little time.

And now I'm rambling again. I have more Doctor Who to watch, though I wish my torrent would work faster. =^= I uploaded a scene from 'Midnight' because it's amazing and VERY well done. And also a scene from Unicorn and the Wasp [filmed with my digicam because it was an MKR format and I couldn't clip it. :( ]

Here ya go~
She's taken his voice!
(Me fail english? That's unpossible!)

I need to get myself a paid account... I really do. Need more icons liek woh. ;_;

PS: is it wrong that I keep thinking 'dalek' is a euphemism for 'dick' or 'penis'? I know it ISN'T but I keep thinking it is BAWWWW

Doctor Who

Nov. 10th, 2008 12:59 am
hebbycakes: (good turtle)
I've been Doctor Who'd. Shamble dobble dibble dooble.

At any rate, I'm currently watching season three's ep 12 "The Sound of Drums"... And I can quite safely say I now realize why people tend to write/pair/ENVISION The Master x The Doctor.


Also, The Master reminds me of Kai from Kamen Rider Den-O.


BACK TO WATCHING. >:3 Will reel Carolyn into this series, she would adore it. Especially the epic scene from season 4, ep 10 "Midnight". Allons-y~


I'm going to start to watch Doctor Who icons. |:/ HOLLY. WHERE ART THOU?

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