Sep. 21st, 2009 10:12 am
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My sister Caroro comes back today. I'll be at the university by the time she's at home, I hope she plays with Bowie for a good hour. That cat has missed her like a shark misses the damn ocean. 8|

She probably won't do it, but Mom's going to tell her to walk to meet me. I kinda hope she does, even if I've seen her recently, I think it would be neat for her to at least walk on the path she hasn't seen for a whole year.

I hope to get her into Kuroshitsuji. She'll writhe and struggle at first, but my hope is she'll eventually give it a chance. I think she'd really like it. Ciel reminds me so much of Genjo Sanzo... I think they have similar qualities.

Also, imagining Sebastian with Dan Green's voice... uhuhuhuhu. THOUGH HE HAS TO HAVE A BRIT ACCENT OR ELSE IT JUST WON'T FLY. That's my biggest hope for a dub of Kuro-- THEY HAVE TO HAVE BRIT ACCENTS, EXCEPT FOR THE CHARACTERS THAT ARE OTHERWISE STATED AS NOT BEING BRITS. Like, Bard. Or Lau & Ranmao. I hope they have an actual chinese guy voice Lau. He would not have a japanese accent, he'd have a chinese one, which is much more tonial. Toniel? idk. HAVING TO DO WITH TONE

So yeah, writing a lot because I'm once again waiting around for six hours until my next class. At about noon or 1pm, I'll go for lunch, then return, then walk to Thorneloe and watch some movie by Woody Allen. I'll only ever be able to think of him as Z from Antz. xD It's the only thing I've seen him in! I can't help it! XD

I received an amusing comment to my Renji the Red-Haired Death God video. The commenter had been watching Bleach the other day and apparently their dad started to sing the song my sis and I made. XD That's so awesome.

My legs are such jelly. 8| Mostly because I've not really been exercising at all, but also because I've lost so much weight... So when I rode my bike today, and got off of it, I couldn't feel my legs, and I felt as though I'd topple over at any moment. It was really scary. I'm a bit scared to ride my bike again. o_o

S'yeah, shouldn't be back until like 7pm or 8pm, give or took. YOU'LL ALL SEE ME EVENTUALLY

And another thing- Got accepted at Paradisa with Lau Tao from Kuroshitsuji. Pretty excited to play him, and already having a great thread with the best Ciel I've played with. It's very exciting. I just want to make his reactions believable, since Lau is the very weird one... There's no magic (USUALLY) in Kuroshitsuji (ASIDE FROM DEMON-HAN AND DEATH GOD GUY AND PUPPETS AND SHDFSK), but I can't have Lau just wig out, so I've sort of had him assume he's lost his mind due to opium use... and he's pretty much just accepted it, and anything else that goes on is part of that acceptance. xD It's easier to cope with things, I guess.

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I love crack in bleach. seriously.
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To quote a popular line from fandomwank...

AND EVERYTHING WENT TO HELL. I bet when I check the comm tomorrow, half the playerbase will have flounced out.

Way to listen to the anons, mods. Guh, I can't believe how srs our dr is getting. x______x these drops aren't gonna help either.


Jul. 18th, 2009 10:00 pm
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I need to stop wanting to make more Gin accounts. Though it'd be fun to have a Gin who's closer to the arrancar than my current Gins are.



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