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Taken from an MSN convo with Musa-chan... This is about a cat we have named Riva the Diva. Other nicknames I give her are Harley, Bratcat, or Ocecat (after Ocelot). NOTE: IT COULD ACTUALLY BE WHISKAS INSTEAD OF FRISKAS BUT IDC IT'S NOT IMPORTANT.

Musashi says:
Hi! ^_^
[c=51][b]"Wolverine"[/b][/c=5] - [i][c=5]This kid's cryin'. Do somethin'.[/c=51][/i] says:
Hi Musa-chan~~ (I call you that because it's my affectionate term for you, not trying to be mean, I prooomise.) Did I tell you I have a new AIM handle? Hebbycakes is my new AIM handle.
I'm on that more than I am on here.
Musashi says:
( It's alright, it... it's kind of nostalgic! ^///^; I don't mind! )

Aww, I didn't know. Thank you!
AIM doesn't really work for me very well at all, though. Lousy connection here, so I can hardly use it. ^^; But I'll try coming on when I can? x3
[c=51][b]"Wolverine"[/b][/c=5] - [i][c=5]This kid's cryin'. Do somethin'.[/c=51][/i] says:
Oh right, I think I remember you telling me that.
Her name is Riva the Diva... and she's exactly that
Musashi says:
xDDDD This sounds great.
More about her? <3
[c=51][b]"Wolverine"[/b][/c=5] - [i][c=5]This kid's cryin'. Do somethin'.[/c=51][/i] says:
Oh, sure, she's cute... but she's also a bully. If you want to own her, yo uhave to make sure you have NO OTHER PETS or else she BEATS THE CRAP OUT OF HER
not her
She loves people though
However... her former owner her works for my mom...
Musashi says:
xDDDDD;;; Oh, wow!

(brief break as I talk about the old phone woman thing)

Anyway yeah, Kim spoiled this cat ROTTEN, but she can't keep Riva anymore because Riva beats up her other cats.
So we have to find a perfect home for Riva
Musashi says:
We need a ttly monogamous cat person, it seems.
[c=51][b]"Wolverine"[/b][/c=5] - [i][c=5]This kid's cryin'. Do somethin'.[/c=51][/i] says:
UNFORTUNATELY, we've found out that whenever Kim is working here, she had been feeding Riva FANCY FEAST.
THat's like
Musashi says:
Oh? xD;;
[c=51][b]"Wolverine"[/b][/c=5] - [i][c=5]This kid's cryin'. Do somethin'.[/c=51][/i] says:
a step up from Friskas
and Friskas is AMAZING
Musashi says:
So she only eats the best? : P
[c=51][b]"Wolverine"[/b][/c=5] - [i][c=5]This kid's cryin'. Do somethin'.[/c=51][/i] says:
So I come into work, and Harley cat is all "HAAAAI"
and I walk over and pull out some Friskas and put it in a bowl.
She looks at it, sniffs it, then turns away
Musashi says:
.... xDDDDD!!!!!
[c=51][b]"Wolverine"[/b][/c=5] - [i][c=5]This kid's cryin'. Do somethin'.[/c=51][/i] says:
Riva: >_> *flicks tail*
So now she's sitting near me, being passive aggressive, and trying to drink my coffee.
She's got dry food AND Friskas waiting for her, and she won't even TOUCH either.
I saw her try to eat the Friskas again, but instead she just sniffed it, then RECOILED.
To me it smells just like fancy feast!
She's not even a purebred cat, but she's acting like it!
Do you mind if I repost this convo part about Riva? I'm gonna make a second journal entry for her sake. xD
Musashi says:
xD!! Sure, why not~?
She sounds wonderful, pffft.
If she knew, her ego would probably inflate to an even greater uncharted size.
[c=51][b]"Wolverine"[/b][/c=5] - [i][c=5]This kid's cryin'. Do somethin'.[/c=51][/i] says:
seriously 8|
Musashi says:
[c=51][b]"Wolverine"[/b][/c=5] - [i][c=5]This kid's cryin'. Do somethin'.[/c=51][/i] says:
I think Riva would be perfect for that old woman, but I decided not to bring her up because of her personality. XD
Old Woman does not need Harley to make her feel happy.

lmao that's all. BACK TO WORK FOR ME SOB (no srsly, I love it here. X) )


Jan. 20th, 2010 01:45 am
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don't you just hate it when you finally get to talk to your sister about all the shit she put you through, and you're able to finally address it and talk it out, no matter how old it was, and finally sort it out so that you can MOVE ON? And then you find yourself talking about happier stuff amidst the bad, and we didn't FIGHT during it? and you just feel so good that you're getting along with your sister?

then god says "oh by the way, here's reality"

and your dad starts to swear at you for waking him up, and makes you feel like shit and tells you "you know better you should be ashamed, you know you get sick all the time, go to bed right fucking now, this happens NEVER again"

i love my dad. but i hate him when he does that. i had no idea it was 1:26am at the time. the last i'd checked, it was almost 11pm. i had no idea we'd been talking that long.

so apparently, my dad thinks my illness is my fault. that me "staying up late" is what makes me sick and why i miss school. i guess he doesn't fucking know that i have insomnia and i can't help it if i stay up if i CAN'T SLEEP. and so, later when i wake up, he's going to wake up when i put the dogs out and he's going to verbally harass me. i'm going to try to get out and go to school asap because i dont' want to be attacked. i know mom is going to be ashamed of me for staying up late and i won't have the chance to tell her why.

i can't stop crying. i'm sobbing like when shannon died. i know it's not the same, but it feels like huge weights are on me again, that i can't get rid of. i finally got some off my shoulders and now new ones have been added.

i don't usually say this, i don't want to sound ungrateful, but i just have to.

i fucking hate my dad right now, even if i love him to death. i wish he wouldn't swear at me, even if he's tired. i may swear on here, but i NEVER ever swear at him. him being my dad gives him no right to swear at me. i almost felt like going to sleep outside in the cold because i felt a sudden millennium of misery fill me up. even though my sis and i got over a huge barrier, we were abused for it.

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I've missed so many classes because of this damn flu and wisdom teeth pain.


Tomorrow at about 10am, I should be getting my wisdom teeth out. thank. GOD.

Unfortunately, tonight, along with my flu, my period decided to start. So I'm in horrible, horrible pain.

Thank you for all your support, though, guys. It means so much. *hugs and loves you all*

Also, made Lau into a furry on SL. :|b


http://i694.photobucket.com/albums/vv306/faceisblue/Snapshot_126.jpg still in progress

And the little thing on his shoulder is Ranmao. I gave it her face. XD
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So, Patch IMed me on AIM and apologized, saying he was sorry for being a douche to me. I don't know if he expects me to just go "LOL OKAY LET'S BE FRIENDS AGAIN", what he did was really assholish and I don't particularly want to go through that again.

He told me he's going around and apologizing to everyone, even MS_Elegante people. It's a nice step, but he took a huge step backwards when he made that secret about me, so it's going to take some time before I have trust in him again.

It might never happen, I have no idea.

I told him that he better not think me cruel if I don't have the nerve to be his friend again. Apparently the anons that stood up for him were his friends from RL, and they may have been the same anons that badmouthed me at DM.

I don't even know. I'm just going to go sleep.

I rented X-men Origins to watch. Everyone I know says it's awful, but I want to see it anyway. I watched the other movies, I'll watch this one, too.

Good night guys.
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I actually hate my schedule for today, simply because of the hugely long gap of nothing in between. And I can't go home because it's just too long a walk.

At any rate, usually at 1pm, I get my butt over to the cafeteria where I grab a plastic knife and eat rice cakes with almond butter, then return to the library if I have enough time, before 2pm, when I head over to Thorneloe and wait for my last class.


I decide to head down to the cafeteria and all the seats are taken. 8| So I'm liek "okaaay" and I go outside to eat. It's pouring rain and once again, all the benches are taken.

I head to the Tim Horton's. It's super busy and all the seats are taken. So I go over to the library base-floor where I can eat my lunch... and the goddamn BLOOD DONOR PEOPLE ARE THERE. 8| I head up a floor, just outside the library, and all the seats are taken (except for three, but my legs are so sore that I can't climb up onto the stools.) The other cafeteria is in the science building and it's so friggin hard to get there that I've just decided that I cba to go. I'll stay in the library until 2pm, then head to Thorneloe and HOPEFULLY get to eat at least ONE damn rice cake. 8| *grumble growl*


Aug. 11th, 2009 12:18 pm
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I'm trying to be logical when I approach situations that need sorting, but I really can't do it for everybody. Some people need to sort out their own problems. I'm sure everyone can be logical, so why do I feel like the only one?

*head desk.*

Maybe I should just go back to bed.
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lolz dur dur well done ebi, make edgeworth hate you. *foot*

having fun replaying the first Phoenix Wright game. Case 4. Mostly to take my mind off things. I am becoming a different person way faster than I'd like to and I hate it.



I do. *doy* maaaaaad wooooooorld.
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Well, this day has been craaaaazy. BDR, leaving posts, and more anon wank. I wish we could all get along but. Duuuunno. I just wish these anons could be mature... I still don't understand why they kept trying to chase out Yamaji's player for being IC with him. X_X; And being mean to some of the nicest players ever... DOES NOT COMPUTE. ABORT. ABORT.

Also, I really. really hope people don't hate my AU after what that troll might do to it. X_X

Doctor Who

Nov. 10th, 2008 12:59 am
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I've been Doctor Who'd. Shamble dobble dibble dooble.

At any rate, I'm currently watching season three's ep 12 "The Sound of Drums"... And I can quite safely say I now realize why people tend to write/pair/ENVISION The Master x The Doctor.


Also, The Master reminds me of Kai from Kamen Rider Den-O.


BACK TO WATCHING. >:3 Will reel Carolyn into this series, she would adore it. Especially the epic scene from season 4, ep 10 "Midnight". Allons-y~


I'm going to start to watch Doctor Who icons. |:/ HOLLY. WHERE ART THOU?

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