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Blodeuwedd comes from the Sacred Meadow, beyond the Forest Temple. Rumor has it that she was once a Hylian girl who became lost in the woods.. The story goes that she sat in one place, waiting for her parents to find her. She waited so long her feet planted roots into the ground, and she became a tree.

Blodeuwedd herself is able to move about, though she is unable to speak and often she stays to the shadows, fearful of what lies beyond and who she might meet. There are other trees like her, but they can only be found in the deepest parts of the Sacred Meadow, their roots sunken too deep to venture outside.

The truth of Blodeuwedd's story remains unknown, as she cannot speak, though she does venture forth to greet people when she feels she is safe from harm. She has no great abilities, though she can feel the forest and always hear it. If the forest is sick, she can feel it.

As for her personality, Blodeuwedd is shy yet curious. She is quick to run away if she feels she is in danger, and she will often sneak, eavesdrop or spy on those she is curious of. She is weak against fire, for she is made of wood from the Sacred Meadow and can burn quite easily. The farther away she is from the forest, the less it can protect her from harm.

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